Stéphane Catalano: a gold signature


Stéphane Catalano's signature Stéphane Catalano was born in Versailles (France) in 1960, to a French mother and an Italian father. He spent his early childhood in Montréal before returning to live in Versailles.
From the age of 11, already fascinated by duotone, he used Indian ink to draw cartoon characters, landscapes, animals and abstract graphics.
He then discovered the Palace of Versailles, which he was fortunate enough to visit on numerous occasions throughout his childhood and adolescence.
> Inspired by the Palace and its gardens, Stéphane Catalano was undoubtedly influenced by its architectural splendour, artistic wealth, omnipresent gilding, the sense of history and the almost mystical power that radiates from the listed UNESCO world heritage site.
At 14 he began to study cabinetmaking, and 3 years later he worked with various craftsmen in the Versailles region, where he learned wood sculpting, marquetry and how to restore antique furniture.
A few years later, after travelling the world, he settled in Spain, in the birthplace of Salvador Dali, for whom he has great admiration.
Just as he admires the artists, Gil Bruvel, Amadéo Modigliani and Gustav Klimt, who all have in common a well defined and recognisable artistic style.
He began his first creations after learning the art of applying gold leaf at a reputable company of gold ornamentalists, not far from Versailles.
This proved to be a true revelation for him…