When gold becomes art

  by Stéphane Catalano

Stéphane Catalano Artist, art craftsman, i create extraordinary pictures. My wish is to create, within living spaces, positive atmospheres that resonate in people’s hearts. In my opinion, light is essential; it embellishes people, relationships, events, things, environments…

My belief is that everything in the universe around us is in perpetual motion and that the world is divided into two primary energies, love (light and unity); and fear (obscurantism and separation). I like to establish connections between different worlds and different dimensions; between the visible and the invisible, also between contrasts that seem to be in conflict, yet which, once united, form a harmonious whole.

That is why I create paintings using exclusively precious metals which vibrate at high frequencies and whose lustre is unrivalled in capturing and returning light. These unique works, part traditional and part innovative, are brought to life by the light and space where they are displayed. Portraits of people or personalities who inspire me and for whom I show my admiration with personal and universal texts… Geometric shapes, often incorporating the golden section, which captures the perfect harmony found in nature and which has inspired man since the dawn of time… and any other form of figurative or abstract expression.
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