Stéphane Catalano’s artistic approach


Stéphane Catalano's artWe live in a time where elements of the most advanced physics reinforce that which was previously only present in the abstract domain…
Stéphane Catalano’s universe is light, powerful, deep and contrasting.
The artist likes to establish connections, links, between the differences and contrasts that oppose one another, but once combined, form a harmonious whole.
These works, sometimes figurative and with geometric doodles, appear as living beings and change according to the light and space in which they are displayed, and their angle of perception.
Convinced that everything is moving in our universe, he sometimes captures, with the help of scientific instruments, just for a moment, energies and waves in naturally perfect geometric forms, such as those we observe throughout nature (flowers, animals, cells, energies…).
It is these connections between different worlds and dimensions that inspire him, between the visible and invisible, the rigour of Cartesian science and the freedom of art, the dynamism of graphics and vibrations, the brilliance of gold.

These influences and his way of working the material make Stéphane Catalano a pioneer of this artistic style, an atypical artist and creator of a completely unique concept.