Through a few questions, we invite you to learn a bit more about the artist, and also the man behind the work.
Time to meet Stéphane Catalano…

– If you had to describe yourself in only one word, what would it be?

– Who are your favourite painters?
Salvador Dali, Gustav Klimt.

– What countries and / or places inspire you?
Countries like France, Italy, Spain, or India, provide inspiration for me and also encourage me to travel as much as possible to be open to the world and to others.
Places of everyday life can also provide a lot of inspiration (despite their trivial side!). So, planes, trains, automobiles when in motion are all places where I take the opportunity to look around me.

– Where do you create? Where do you work?
I create everywhere! My creative process is pretty simple in the end. I first put my ideas on paper and then I work on them gradually until I get the result I had in mind. I do all my work at home in my studio.

– When are you at your most creative?
When I am on a trip without a doubt! The change of environment and what I encounter are really catalysts for my creation.

– How long does it take you to make a picture?
I make several pictures at the same time as one design usually inspires another! Generally I work by theme or series so it is difficult to quantify the time I need to make one work (between the sketch, its transformations, and its realisation). It usually takes several weeks of work.


– What are your ambitions as an artist?
I am a free agent and I try to keep that motivation in mind. I want to make different art, to pass on messages. The act of creating can seem selfish when the artist is entirely focused on the creation, but in the end, what I keep in mind at this point is the emotion and joy that my work will provide to those who see it and of course those who buy it … or at least that’s what I hope!

– What touches you, what moves you in art?
Originality, the light that flows from the work both literally and figuratively, that which awakens my awareness, that which makes me curious or which I admire. These are definitely the feelings I strive to convey through my creations.